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Info on Chinese Pietersite?

Does anyone have any info or sources for Chinese Pietersite? I have
never heard of it. Just saw a photo of it on Ebay…pretty
interesting mineral!

Thomas Blair
Designing Goldsmith
Island Gold Works
Hilton Head S.C.

any info or sources for Chinese Pietersite? 

Hi Thomas! I buy regularly from an eBay seller, Vaughn Nagel
( He’s got an eBay stoRe: Serendipity Artistry.
He sells predominantly slabbed rough… which fortunately for me, is
mostly what I buy. Lots of fine agates and jaspers, and also Chinese
Pietersite. I bought a killer slab of it from him last year, and have
yet to cut it. Highly chatoyant, with swirls of gold, yellow, blue,
etc. Its almost too beautiful to mess with.

I’d email him and ask away. He’s always been quite responsive to me.
Tell him I sent ya! Check him out on eBay and see what he’s got

All the best,
Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Thomas - Great Wall Trading Company just outside Denver sells it.
They also have a website, but I don’t remember their URL.

Jim Small
Small Wonders