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[Info Needed] Rubber molds

Does anyone have a good source of for cutting rubber

Best Regards,

Randall Brooks

Hello Randall, I am teaching a two day intensive (9-5 each day) on
Mold Making at my classroom/studio in Portland, Maine October 25 &

Moldmaking with Kate Wolf - 2 days Working with a variety of RTV (room
temperature vulcanizing) and vulcanized molds; students will make,
hand-cut and inject molds from basic through more complex (multipiece,
molds with pins and plugs). Students can bring their own jewelry to
mold or pieces will be provided. There will be discussions on
injectability and design for production. Beginner to Intermediate

Making quality hand cut molds is not difficult, it just takes a bit
of practice and seeing how it is done. For more on
workshops visit

Best Regards,
Kate Wolf

Thanks Kate. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to fly up during that
time of year. However, if you have a moment to look at some pictures
and give me your opinion I would appreciate it. The pictures are at I’m trying to figure
out the best way to cut the mold so I can remove the wax model without
damaging it.

Best Regards,

Randall Brooks

Thanks Kate, This is good info. I appreciate you help. I haven’t
pictured exactly how the plug would look but I think I follow you.
I’ll make another mold and use the sharpie as you indicated and see
how I do with that.

Recently I was looking through a Rio Grande catalog and saw a mold
cutting video advertised by Louis Sanchez. If you’ve ever seen this
video perhaps you could give me your opinion on it?

Best Regards,
Randall Brooks