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Inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner?

Has anyone out there used those new inexpensive ultrasonic cleaners?
They are an oval shape and in the $40 range (Harbor Freight and
there’s tons on ebay) I’m setting up a shop at a retail store for the
first time and I’m trying to keep costs down where I can until I
start getting some income. I intend to purchase a more professional
model in the next few months, hopefully used, but I was thinking of
picking up one of these for the meantime, that is, if I wouldn’t be
throwing my money anyway.

Here's the specs I've found on it:
Stainless steel tank
600 ml-1 pint capacity
42,000 cycle energy wave
Quiet, solid state circuitry
3 minutes auto shut off

-Barb Baur
in sunny FL.

In my personal experience, all the CHEAP so-called ‘ultrasonics’ have
used ‘weasel words’ to indicate that they are ultrasonic, when
they’re really just ‘sonic.’ Which means, a vibrating motor attached
to the tank, and not an ultrasonic transducer. The one you cite
certainly seems to be really ‘ultra,’ and IF it is, it is very
reasonably priced.

David Barzilay,C.S.**, Lord of the Rings **C.S.means ‘confirmed

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

Barb, I have seen them too on Ebay, but I wonder - are they really
ultrasonics? Note that the seller calls them ultrasonic, but then he
goes on to praise the power of sonic waves. That made me suspicious.
If they are not ultrasonic, but only sonic, you can do better in
terms of price by buying a sonic cleaner from Connaisseur for ex. for
less than 25. An ultrasonic for less than 40 … um. Best, Will