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Inexpensive photo set up

Greetings all, I chose to 'disconnect from forum to get some work
done, so if you need to contact or reply please use email below
offline. I found an inexpensive photo set up at Walgreen’s in the
lawn and yard isle! A Party Tub, that looks like and old laundry
basket…tapered down to flat bottom, but made of polypropylene
…22"x20"x 10"_ but smooth, turned upside down has made a very
effective “cloud dome” I bought 2 (cut round hole in for lens) and
taped handles together in back, and open it like a clamshell…setup
jewelry…close, and turn lights on…Voila…no more reflections

Thomas Blair CBJ* Island Gold Works Hilton Head Island SC @Island_Gold_Works
*Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler