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Indutherm MC15 mini pressure casting unit

I am considering buying an Indutherm MC15 mini pressure casting unit
for my home studio and am wondering if anyone has one or has seen
one used, and if so, what they think of it.

I have been using a Motorcast motorized centrifugal casting unit for
many years and have liked how I could cast gold or platinum with it.
The drawback for using it at home is that it requires the caster to
torch melt the metal, and the fire inspector rightly requires a
hardwired smoke detector near where I must place the casting
machine. So I am considering the Indutherm because it does not
require a torch, would not set off my smoke detectors and would
likely give me better castings due to the inert gas blanket over the
melting metal. I have just never used one so any feedback would be


Hi Mark,

I have seen one at a trade show, but not demonstrated. They do have
a website with videos

You would need to supply argon gas, a vacuum pump and sufficient
water supply and pressure. The casting machine itself had a very
footprint and they had some impressive samples. If you poke around in
dental casting suppliers sites there are other
vacuum/induction/centrifugal machines at about the 5000 mark to
consider, maybe it would be worth looking for a dental technicians
forum, this stuff seems to come from dental sources originally,

regards Tim.

Hi Mark, We have had great results with this casting machine. If you
would like some references or detailed on how the MC15

Casts please feel free to contact me off line.