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Industrial ear piercing ends

I am making a custom piece for an industrial ear piercing and don’t
have experience with these types of body piercings. I measured my
customer’s existing piece and the ends are 1.6mm thick with threads
at each end and a ball nut. I don’t have a tap/die tool to make
threads, so I was hoping to find something like a ‘post’ in this
thickness with threads that I could solder to my piece. Does anyone
know a source for this? I did find that Reactive Metals has silver
plated nuts and bolts, but I need to solder them on. I’ve noticed
that most of the industrial ear pieces are surgical steel. Is a
reason not to use sterling silver for this type of piercing? And if
I can use sterling silver, would plated fine silver work?



I am a piercer and goldsmith from the Netherlands. I make a lot of
custom piercings. you can buy a threat making tap/die for a view
dollars. I think you can best do that. it will save you a lot of
time. 14 Ga or 1.6mm i buy here for under ten Euro. Good luck and
enjoy the wonderful world of Bodypiercing…

Tom van Oudenaarden