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Industrial ammonia

Is household ammonia the same strength as industrial ammonia? I want
to use it to patina and someone suggested using industrial. And
aren’t many chemicals used to patina considered ‘dangerous’?

Thank you

Is household ammonia the same strength as industrial ammonia? I
want Household ammonia is usually in the 5% range. 

“Janitorial” ammonia can be about 10%. Ammonia is available in all
concentrations up to 100%, but I don’t know what is meant by
"industrial." Household ammonia (or its fumes) will patina copper.

Al Balmer

There is “industrial” ammonia and industrial ammonia. On a 1-to-10
strength chart, household ammonia would be just about 1.2 on the
scale; theweakest industrial ammonia would be about 8, and they go
up from there in  two steps. Workers with the industrial stuff
are cautioned to use eyeprotection and respirators; I have had
occasion to have to enter confined spaces to control leaks, and this
entailed wearing coveralls and a gas mask. Skin contact with
household ammonia might possibly be an acceptable nuisance. You
wouldn’t want to dip your hand in the industrial stuff. It’s no
wonder the engineering drafting industry has turned to dry ink toner
printing for blueprints, and has turned away from the old ammonia
developing process’


Hi Brenda,

Architectural printers making blueprints used to have an ammonia

The new printers don’t use ammonia anymore.

I used to get the spent ammonia from some of these printers. You
could not open the bottle in a small room without a strong ammonia
smell practically knocking you out.

Worked with a guy who took a small whiff of the bottle and passed

It does work, but use a little at a time. It’s very concentrated if
it’s similar to the stuff I used.

The ammonia we buy at the store is mostly water. I don’t know the
ratio, but that’s why it is fairly cheap.

Most patinas should be put on with good ventilation. There are many
types for various metals.

The old cyanide patinas were dangerous. Most of these are long gone.

If you buy any read the MSD (Materials Safety Data) sheet.

If you make your own search on Orchid as see if there is more

Best regards,
Todd Hawkinson

Al-Tim and I used to buy industrial ammonia in 55 gallon barrels.
This stuff is so strong that if you get a good whiff of it the top of
your head feels like it’s gonna blow off. If you get it on your skin
it burns like crazy. It is really really dangerous stuff to have
around. We had a barrel stored on the roof of a building in downtown
Portland. It was fine until some workmen removed the shed that it was
in. Once exposed to the direct hot summer sun on a black flat roof
the barrel started to bulge dangerously. Remembering the Oklahoma
City bombing Tim quickly opened a vent to take the pressure off not
knowing it was right next to the fresh air intake for the building.
The employees and customers fled the store choaking and coughing. We
could have so easily blown the whole building up.

We buy house hold now from the local grocery.

Have big fun making patinas and stick with the grocery store stuff.

Jo Haemer