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Induction platinum casting machine

I need to buy an induction platinum casting machine and I am having
a hard time finding comparative info on any of them. If anyone can
point me to any info I would be very appreciative. Also, if you have
one, would you recomend it or is there a better one that you would
prefer to have.

I am currently leaning toward the Indutherm MC15, mostly for the
price and size, is anyone familiar with this machine?


I saw one at an exhibition this week. I was particularly impressed
by it melting and pouring under vacuum, it did not pour from any
height though,. The samples they had looked good. You do need a good
water supply, 8CMH vacuum, argon gas supply, and a 16 amp, 240V power
supply. I was told you could cast in a day because the flasks were
quite small and burnt out fast. I would like to know if they need
much maintenance. They have a good video on their site.

I was looking at other dental casters and came across these.

Try dental casting suppliers, they seem to be ahead of the game

regards Tim.