Indian Horse Jewelry

Does anyone know of any publications on Silver Bridles and Saddles. I
have Oscar Bransons Book that has two bridles but I think that I need
more and pictures of the old ones, Most of the
Headstalls were buried with the owners and there doesn’t seem to be
very much out there. I was talking to Oscar yesterday who is 86 and
is a nuclear physicist from the 1930’s (Los Alamos) He said that the
only reason that he wrote the book was because his friend, a Navaho
Chief by the name of Chief Chee Dodge was concerned that the art of
Indian Jewelry Making was being lost back in 1975. Any help I can
get on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you Susan Chastain

Have you seen "Saddlemaker To The Stars - The Leather and Silver Art
of Edward H Bohlin " published by the Autry Museum of Western
Heritage , Los Angeles In association With University of Washington
Press , Seattle , London. It’s a GORGEOUS book on silver.

Susan - I contacted the Heard Museum here in Phx. They do not know of
any books written on the subject. It did occur to me that you might
want to look for portraits & photos from the period. They probably
won’t show much detail (unless you get lucky with the horses head
framed right). If you have two good pictures as reference, the other
photos might help in extrapolations and alternate styles. Good luck!

Epaul Fischer
Gryphon Song Creations

The book “Jewelry by Southeast American Indians: Evolving designs” by
Nancy N Schiffer has eight excellent color photographs of silver
mounted bridles. The book was published by Schiffer publishing
Ltd.,1469 Morstein Rd. West Chester , PA, 19380. Jerry in Kodiak

Chastain JC wrote:

Chastain, I don’t know where you are at but Charlie Eagle plumes
Gallery in Allens park Colorado has a great collection of old
headstalls and bridals also great pawn pieces and assorted other
museum type pieces.The gallery I think is closed until next spring but
you could call them and get the # from Regards J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio