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Hi! This summer I had a conversation with an interesting silversmith
across from me at a craft show and she showed me some of her stuff
that she was wearing that she had dipped in something called
"incrylic". Apparently excellent for keeping silver from tarnishing
and made in Rhode Island, but I forgot to get the exact address. I
figured it is out there so must be commercially available but I can’t
find it anywhere. Anyone heard of it? Blanche Johnsen, Houston


In Australia you can Incrylic in any Hardware store, in the paint
section. They use it to coat brass and copper door knobs. It will wear
off quickly in braclets and rings but would have a good lasting time
in earrings. I found the best way to get a good even coat was to dip
the Jewellery that you needed to coat ,into the tin of Incrylic and
then hang the piece to air dry out , checking not to get drop marks
on the bottom of the piece.

Marjorie Lord


Dear Dan & Blanche,

The coating I have used that does what you describe may be Syncrolac
Y278 which is an acrelyc seal. The other is Durachem Clear Y291 which
is an epoxy. The are air dried or baked on. They only need a fine
layer to seal the object. This material will last for many years.
Their literature says it works great on copper and brass. I used it on

I got my supplies from Seagrave Coating Corp. in Carlstadt NJ. This
was back in 1991. Their phone # is 201-933-1000. They have some
technial info on the products they will send you. This is the best
clear sealant you will find.

TR the Teacher & Student