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Incredible Sales Stories

I though this story might be inspiring.

One day, while in my store in the Cayman Islands, I got a phone call
from a client who had collected a few things from me, a well-known
oncologist involved in cancer research. He said that he had told his
boss about me and that she wanted to meet me. I told him that I was
in the store everyday and that she could come in anytime. Very
politely he explained that I had misunderstood him. “His boss was in
New Jersey and she wanted to have lunch with me there tomorrow.” I
told him that I wasn’t planning to be in New Jersey. His response
was, “you should be here tomorrow”. Impressed with his quiet
sincerity I agreed and he gave me an address for the restaurant.

I caught the night flight to Miami and flew the next morning to New
Jersey. Arrived at the prestigious restaurant early, they opened the
door for me when I told them whom I was waiting for. Half an hour
later a large white limo pulled up to the entrance and a stunningly
regal lady emerged with my client in tow. He introduced her, she then
asked the Maitred for a menu and promptly ordered a five-course meal
(including dessert) for her small white dog waiting in the limo.

As we were seated a bottle of Don Perignon was delivered to the
table and opened. After ordering a fairly robust meal of rack of lamb
all around, she proceeded to tell me what she wanted. The list was
mind-boggling; She wanted Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire gemstones of a
size and colour that didn’t exist. I tried to bring her down to earth
by explaining that she was asking for was impossible. It was as if
she hadn’t heard me. She wanted significant gems and she wouldn’t
accept “impossible” for an answer. The meal and the conversation
(mostly one sided) lasted through lunch, the bottle of champagne was
replaced 4 times, the lunch customers left, and finally by 6:00 PM,
as the dinner guests began to arrive, I agreed to see what I could
find for her and said that I would call her in a few days. My client
friend, who hadn’t spoken 3 words during the entire event, drove me
to the airport. By the time I got on board my whole body was shaking,
I resolved never to call the lady.

One year later, I was in the kitchen of my store in Grand Cayman and
one of my salesgirls told me that someone was waiting to see me. I
stepped out into the showroom, and there, in the back, standing as
regal and as commanding as could be was this woman. I though; “My
god, I never even call her.” As I approached, she looked at me and
said, “Mr. Smith, I don’t like to fly. My travel agent said that
there was a ship going to Grand Cayman, so I booked a passage. I got
up this morning, had a massage, and now, here I am. Will you please
tell me what I can have?”

A month or so later, I booked 3 adjoining rooms at the Carlyle in
New York, hired a security firm, had guards at the elevator and
outside of the center room. Brinks made the delivery and I showed her
a fabulous group of truly significant She picked an
exceptional Burmese Sapphire that I eventually mounted into a ring
that you could see from across the room. We have remained the best of
friends ever since.

Dennis Smith - thejewelmaker

The “Customer Discounts” thread sparked this memory.

During the 1980s I had a private showroom in the Caymans Islands. The
collection consisted of rare and collectable jewels featuring
important museum quality antiquities. One day an Asian gentleman
accompanied by his wife, daughter and mother-in-law came into the
showroom. During our conversation I discovered that the cruise ship
anchored off shore was a private charter for his company and that he
was hiding out in my showroom so that he wouldn’t bump into any of
his employees. As I worked him through the collection he picked a
necklace, inquired about the price and then asked for discount. When
I told him that I never discounted, he picked an additional necklace
and asked for a discountif he bought both pieces. Since he was very
polite and sincere and since each item was about $30,000, I offered
a 5% discount if he paid without a credit card. That pleased him and
he picked another item bringing the balance close to $100,000. and I
accommodated him with about 7% for the total. He seemed to like this
game and it continued for a couple of hours. Every time he added
another item, I would budge a little more on the total discount.
Eventually he selected every important necklace in the collection.
The total was somewhere around $500,000. and the discount had grown
to about 13%. If I had the stock I’m sure that He would have
continued adding pieces in an effort to get a better deal. He then
selected an additional group of smaller items as awards for some of
his employees, a little over $30,000 worth and paid the full price
for them on his AMEX card. His parting comment was a request for
more pieces when I had them, but I never followed up on it.

Dennis Smith - thejewelmaker