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Incidental find

Dear Orchidians! Since we’re here on Art and other stuff, here’s a
different twist to cry over !..:>)

A local “rock-hound” found an ugly old looking stone, he put it into
his flea market collection to give it away. He got $5.00 for it.
This gem-buyer happened to examine it…trying not to be too darned
excited at his ‘find’ put it into his pocket and walked
away…right to his bank safety deposit box…and left it there for
a year …he asked a special gem-cutter for some help in turning
this ugly piece of gravel into something interesting…a year later
he retrieved his crystal …had it cut and LENT IT TO THE
"SMITHSONIAN". Here is the report… It turned out to be the worlds
largest and fissure free Genuine Ruby…worth? “MILLIONS & MILLIONS
of dollars” just for a $5.00 find…is this Art? not necessarily,
but its almost what we’re talking about, but still a great story
worth repeating! again “Art is in the eyes of the beholder”. Just
like a garage-sale stuff, “garbage to you, but $$$ to someone

“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”