In the Defense of Fashion

Hey Guys:

I noticed a little fashion bashing in the Truth or Dare Survey
letters- in the defense of magazines like Teen People, Cosmo or Lucky
and the entire Fashion world those magazine were the ones most
interested in my least commercial stuff- A pair of earring of mine
which you would never see on a teeny booper (like Brittany Spears)
ended up in a teen magazine and led to a high end gallery buying my
work as a result. Some of my best work has been used in runway shows
for clothing designers- The fashion world or the world driven by
trends can work for you- they are always looking for something
different- not necessarily the next BIG thing. My jewelry is so
NOT the trend right now- (shell jewelry- big bead jewelry- which is
the fashion trend- I do silver work) but I get calls from magazines
just because I am different.

Now get your press kits ready and send them to VOGUE RIGHT NOW!!

DeDe Sullivan
dedemetal jewelry
PR 101 for Jewelry Designers