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In-shop diamond setting training sessions


Dear all

Due to this ongoing recession we are all in, my needs as a diamond
setter have been greatly reduced. I am now bowing out of this
profession for the past 50 years and seeking other avenues of income.
I have come to know many of you through these many years on Orchid.

I am even selling off of my 1,000 unused setting burs, my 2,200
synthetic stones. Not too mention my 30 carats of genuine stones and
diamonds. Many of my diamond setting essays are now in the archives
of Orchid and with the"Bench" magazines.

I have come and met many of you through my in-shop training sessions
during the past 10 years…but this too, must cease. I have been
thinking of this move during the past 6 months, and I must make a
clean sweep.

Some of the large jewellery companies in Toronto are “going the way
of the Albatross”. Trade shops are merging or just closing their
doors. Local made jewellery is a now a thing of the past, pity!

I saw this coming about 6+ years ago, but was totally ignored and
ridiculed on other jewellery channels. Some of my peers are now
seeking any avenue to maintain their moderate lifestyle. I am not
disappointed one iota, I think of all the great friends I have made.

Orchid is one heck of a great meeting place. I owe my sincerest
thanks to Hanuman and his staff for everything…hugz!

Gerry Lewy
905 - 886 - 5961


Gerry, I am so sorry to hear you are retiring. I have learned a
great deal from you about setting and gravers and workmanship and
life. If you are selling your burs in small lots, I would be honored
to purchase some of Gerry Lewy’s tools.




I am truly saddened with your announcement but completely understand
your reasoning. The global economy is effecting everyone and not in a
good way.

I very much enjoyed meeting you at the Bench Jewelers conference in
Denver. I wish you luck in whatever path you choose as I know you
will be a success.

I hope you will stay in touch with the Orchid community!

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan


Rick Copeland, et all !

Just why are you all saddened?..I’m not dead…:slight_smile: just going with the
flow and leaving setting as an income…I am seeing too many large
manufacturers biting the bullet and wondering what will happen to
them after this lacklustre Xmas season. Two ultra-large Toronto
jewellery companies are downsizing their staff to a shadow of what
they once were.

My long foray into teaching at one of Canada’s larger community
college cancelled two semesters with me. When I used to have 20+
students in one class, now they can barely get 2 students…does this
tell you something?

My transferable communication skills are now greatly aiding me to now
converse with the masses. So where does this leave me in helping
anyone on Orchid…well here it is. Rediscover yourselves…cut your
losses…move on! Don’t get angry. Anger is a waste of energy!

I had lunch with a great fellow…he and I will do a series of
motivational seminars, imagine that? This recession will cleanse the
trade of many of the “so-so” craft-persons around. Never moan or
whine of what you could have done…whining is for babies…:slight_smile: Turn a
leaf and get on with it…nuf said, eh?



I, too, am sad to hear that you are getting out of the jewelry trade.
I very much enjoyed having you in our studio when you taught our
stone setting workshop. You will be welcome here if ever you get back
to the San Diego area. City Deli is still here and still serving up
your favorite kosher food, too!


Jay Whaley
Whaley Studios