In Search of Bendick polishing compound

Hello all,

Several years ago I purchased a polishing compound called Bendick
compound. I cannot find it from my suppliers. It was a Rouge for final
luster. It was good because it gave a great polish on gold, and it had
a slight cutting action, so I skipped any type of pre-polish or
tripoli. Hopefully someone can help me out there in orchid land. Thanks
for any help. Scott.

Hi Scott,

I use a compound called BBC (buffing bar compound) made by Jelenko.
It has carborundum chips in it and as you use it on gold or silver
the chips get continually smaller and the polish gets higher and
higher. I use a soft 7/8" mandrel mounted brush at medium speed with
very little pressure for gold and a 1 1/8" ‘dressed’ mandrel mounted
muslin buff at low speed with silver. I also use rouge on the
gold. You can get it from a dental supply house or go to You can order it direct and you can also look at
their new casting system.



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Scott: Although I belive Bendick which I believe is no more and I
believe from England, a good alternative is a compound called
Acculustre. It is white and therefore does not impart same warmth to
gold, but it is great for a one step pre and polish. You might want to
give this a try. RG

Hi all, Bendick is still sold at C.R. Hill in one pound bars.
(248)543-1555 is there Ph.#. Jim @Jim_Zimmerman1

just curious;what is different about Bendick polishing compound? What
are it’s attributes vs. say brown tripoli,zam,rouges,etc? thanks,

I like the bendicks compound because it is a polishing compound, yet
it has a light cutting action. So, I don’t have the two steps that I
would need with tripoli-rough.