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In need of help to find an alloy


I am very fresh at this forum so please excuse me if i make any
forum mistakes at my mails. I will be in need of your kind help to
find some kind of a product and process. I am working on silver and
silver-plated objects mainly.

I want to find an alloy that will give 22 or 24 carat gold color to
silver, silver-plated surfaces. It shouldn’t be oxide and get
blackened during time. I need to find such an alloy and the method
of applying it.

I would appreciate if you help me with your experiences. Thank you
inadvance for your assistance.

Best Regards,

A.Teoman ENGIN
Baltaci Anadolu Kuyumculuk Tic.Ltd.Sti.
Isiklar Cad., Alatas Sokak, No:15/3, Ulus, ANKARA

Hello A.Teoman ENGIN

“I want to find an alloy that will give 22 or 24 carat gold color to
silver, silver-plated surfaces”

Have you tried Keum Boo? Check out and a great book
too Keum-Boo on Silver by Celie Fago.

Karen Bahr - Karen’s Artworx
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hello Teoman

Welcome to Orchid on behalf of all of the metalsmiths that post
here.Have no worries we will understand what you mean, or ask you to
clarify,so feel free to ask whatever you like.

Hoover and Strong, in Richmond Virginia USA produces an alloy called
Tigold that i believe to be oxide free and is a rich royal yellow
colour.It is most inexpensive, but has to be combined with their
"additive B", which is equally inexpensive.Tigold retains its colour
for 3 years at least in a display case and i have never had any
prototype I have used it for tarnish that i am aware of. While i am
not certain of the status of turkmenistan I believe it is a NTR
country and therfore should be low, if any duty or customs taxation
is placed on an amount over about 500 grams… There is also a paint
on product called “aura 22” that yields a layer of 22kt. gold after
firing onto a workpiece of silver ( i think it is intended for.999
silver)…It is available from dealers in precious metal clay, the
mitsubishi product produced in taiwan, or art clay world - the
company that introduced it to the market. It is also low cost and
applies like fingernail enamel with a small brush applicator in the
bottles top. I think it could potentially be the easiest way to add a
layer of gold to any silver or plated substrate. If you need
addresses let me know;I know Art clay world,Contenti jewelers supply
in Rhode Island, and a number of other supply houses as well all
carry it. if you need assistance obtaining it write me off Orchid at
my email address ( please put orchid in the subject line though so it
won’t get redirected as spam) and i will help in any way I can. R.R.