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Improving tumbling experience

First I’d like to say what a great forum! Now, I have recently
purchased a thumblers tumbler (15lb) and have not been getting the
sparkly results on silver that I expected. I have it filled with 5lbs
of stainless steel shot and use a heaping tablespoon of polishing
powder (not sure of the make, it came in a bag with the tumbler…
Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on how I could improve my
tumbling experience?

Stephanie - Using only steel to polish is like trying to finish a
piece using only rouge on your buff. First you have to smooth the
work using some kind of abrasive media. Then you use the steel to
burnish. To get a really wonderful shiny finish, then run your
pieces in a vibratory tumbler with a wood or shell buff mixture and
Simichrome or Chrome Oxide. Rio Grande has a book on Tumble
Finishing for more detail.

Judy Hoch