Improving studio gold traps

We are building a new shop, and we are intrested in improving the
gold traps we use on our sinks.The ones we currently use are large
and require that we remove the entire unit to clean the sediment out
and replace the filter. This is a mess and means disconnecting and
re- connecting the plumbing. If anyone knows of a more convenient
system your help would be appreciated.


Our sewage filter at

might be worth a look.


When I was in Hong Kong in '05, I looked under the sink in the flat
I was staying in and found that they don’t use “P” traps there, they
instead use Bottle Traps.

I bought a case 'of 'em because I thought they were pretty cool and
installed them in my shop & my home. They allow me to simply unscrew
the “bottle” and take out what I dropped. I place a small piece of
nylon(?) mesh from a floor scrubber pad in the bottom to catch tiny

I don’t know where to get 'em in the states but I’m sure Mr. Google
knows. (search for PVC bottle trap)

This is what mine looks like:

Of course considering its size you’ll have to empty it often.


Hello Scott,

The chem lab near my office on campus was torn out and the contents
thrown away. I retrieved the Kimax trap from the vent hood’s sink.
It’s clear and you can see what lies in the bottom. The bottom can be
removed by releasing two clamps. I suspect it’s not cheap to
purchase, but at least you know of another source to pursue.

Judy in Kansas