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[Improving Skills] Stone Setting


Hello all, I have some extra time this summer and I want to
improve my stone setting skills. What suggestions do you have
for good books with easy to follow instruction? The other
question I have is does anyone have about how to
make eyeglasses. I’ve worn contacts since I was twelve but
decided to give them up. I am not happy with the ones I bought
so I would like to design my own.

Thank you,


Pauline, Perhaps you’d like to look at “Diamond Setting The
Professional Approach” By Robert R. Wooding ISBN 0-9613545-1-8.
Although targeted to diamond work, it’ll apply to colored stones
as well. Lots of illustrations and some step-by-step
instructions. – John.



Techniques of Mater Stonesetting by Gerald Wykoff is also good,
if it is still in print.