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Improving my jewelry photography skills

Hi all,

Ever notice that you often end up doing things for a living you
never really planned to do? I have always photographed my own work,
if for no other reason than to keep a record of my designs. Of
course, when the web came around, I took pictures for my sites etc. A
couple of years ago, another jeweler and friend, Q Evon, asked me to
try shooting her work for her website with a simple white background.
Since then, I’ve been working to improve my photography skills and
my editing skills. I am doing the gradient and such in
Photoshop…with a technique I worked out myself…so, I’d like to
share some of the shots I’ve done for others…feedback welcome.

with silver up over $30/oz, and the local economy, jewelry sales
have been down for me and this is a service I’m trying to offer at an
affordable price to others…There aren’t many people around here
doing this kind of work. So far, it’s been mostly word of mouth as I
have worked to perfect a technique for my shots…but I’m hoping it
will take off this year.

Jeanne Rhodes-Moen

Great photos - I wish you lots of success. Smart to add another
option to your portfolio. Can’t ever hurt and can always catapult you
to new heights when you least expect it.


Hi Jeanne, Nice work on those gradients in Photoshop. It’s always a
challenge to keep things looking real. You’ve retained the highlights
and shadows on your pieces really well. I’ve been thinking of doing
the same thing. But I need to do much more photography first and
probably an in-depth review course in Photoshop.

Good luck to you!
Karen O’Brien

Hi Jeannius (love the name) - your photography looks really good, my
constructive criticism is to work more with your lighting (some of
the shots unevenly lit/dim) and, not sure if it’s just my monitor,
but the color saturation of a lot of the colored stones is too
intense, making them look 2D, or worse, doctored. My photography
teacher recommended Adobe Lightroom as easier to use than Photoshop
with more professional results. Focus could be sharper on some of the
shots, but overall I give your shots A-, which is pretty good.

Sam Kaffine