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[Improve Content] How Orchid Operates

Could somebody explain to me why it takes so long to get the messages
posted? I do not know anything about how this board is managed and
what hardware is being used to send these messages. We could all move
to a Yahoo group, and have the same content and participation from the
entire world with immediate posting of the messages.

Please do not flame me for this suggestion, I am simply stating my
opinion as to why message threads never die on this board.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

** Hanuman’s Response **

Welcome aboard Daniel!

A fair question really, and being in the business of brokering
I will now attempt to justify the delays in posting
your messages.

I am pleased to say that the Orchid suscribers list now contains
more than 5,000 members. Currently, the average number of postings
per day ranges between 40 to 50. Thus, our server Email buster
handles around 250,000 outgoing Email messages a day from Orchid
alone. The Email clearing time depends, to some extant, upon the
traffic load and the overall conditions out on the Internet for the
given day.

Our biggest issue with getting your postings out to the list
members is the fact that I MUST read everything that comes in
before it gets sent back out to the list. Now, the reason I go
through all this is to spare you all from having to suffer noise,
junk mail, spams, repeated signature files, ect… I filter the
would be spaming, format each of the postings, and generally do
what I can to make the list content as clean and readable as
possible. I also try to make sure that the subject line refelects
the message content.

Generally, I try to forward your postings twice a day - at around
6:00 AM and mid-night (Bangkok time). In my opinion, the list
moderation process is really necessary to insure the quality of
material going out to the list members. I hope that you will all
agree that Orchid is a great place to be and an excellent avenue
through which to settle your questions.

Should any of you experience specific problems in getting your
daily dose of Orchid, feel free to contact me


Dan ,

Hanuman’s response needs only one added comment. Dr. Aspler
graciously does all the aforementioned tasks on his own time and
largely with his own funds. I am a novice and I must say that at
times I am grateful for the repetition as the first several times it
may not sink in. I enjoy the give and take between those more
experienced than myself as I have gained a great deal of knowledge
even from what appears to you as the undying thread. I am doubtful
that Yahoo or other faceless service would provide the same Orchid or
the same level of service

I rarely reply to non jewelry related postings but this one demanded
a response. In this instant gratification, I want it now, can’t you do
it any faster, I don’t care about the quality world ,I try to function
in as a concerned artist and craftsman. It is nice to have a place to
converse with fellow artists at a singular pace that is dependable and
non invasive of my limited and often hectic number of hours in a day.
I can always depend on Orchid to be there in the morning while I
drink the one cup of coffee I allow myself. I know I will not be
spammed, slammed , interrupted or crushed in a volume of rant and
invasive unwanted email. I have been a subscriber on Orchid for years
and can only say Hanuman and Orchid rule!!!
Frank Goss

Hi Dan, Welcome to the Orchid group. In addition to Hanuman’s response
let me add a couple of other reasons to not go to a Yahoo type
listserv. Orchid, as serviced by Dr. Aspler (Hanuman) is far more than
merely a listserv. It is a gallery where all members are free to
exhibit examples their work, an archive of past threads (very
informative) a storehouse for essays on technique by some of the best
craftsfolk in the world, and a social (albeit cyber mostly) group of
people with common interests such as skills improvement, marketing
philosophy etc. If it weren’t for Hanuman’s moderation of the group
and maintenance of the Orchid web site (please, check it out) the
dynamics of this group would have ( in my opinion) failed long ago.
For these reasons and more, I think the 5,000+ orchid members will
agree with me that this group is unique in our industry, and although
participation in the project is free, the production is not, it
costs Hanuman a lot in terms of personal time and expense. Financial
participation by Orchid members is voluntary, as are all other forms
of participation.

Hank Paynter
Brook Hollow Studio

Hi Daniel and Hanuman;

I’m not going to flame anyone, that wouldn’t be in keeping with the
spirit of Orchid. But I feel certain that such spirit of community
would be dampened by moving to Yahoo or the like. Personally, I’m
getting about 25-80 messages from Orchid every day, and that’s quite
enough to keep me happily reading and posting. Daniel, if there is a
case where you want to get a response to someone right away, why not
just do as I do, look at the header on the e-mail (you may not see
that part in your e-mail program, you’ll have to get it out of the
"inbox" directory with a utility program that reads text files), and
then send your response directly to the person you want to address,
rather than hitting the “replay to author” button which will send you
post back through Orchid. Meanwhile, hang in there and enjoy this
forum the way it exists now. Change is not always for the better.
Also, if you can find it in your heart, send in a donation. Yahoo
and their kind find ways to pay for their “free” services, like
selling your e-mail address to spammers, leaving “cookies” on your
computer, etc.

David L. Huffman

my dear daniel j. statman of statman designs - perhaps you would be
more at home on a site where there are only a few other subscribers,
then you could receive instant gratification & responses. of course
you would receive only a few different perspectives & responses but
you wouldn’t have to wait.

orchid varies between 2500 & 3000 subscribers at any given time. all
responses must be reposted by one webmaster: dr. a. in addition to
earning a livelihood offsite, dr. a. managed orchid exchanges,
archives, references, galleries, etc. for ages, gratuitously,
graciously & with consummate skill, patience & a finesse found in a
diminishing number of american males (decreased by one more today).

since you have found fault with the speed of orchid’s responses does
that indicate that you have the knowledge, expertise & ability to
provide better service - or not? so, mr. daniel j. statman of statman
design, i have 2 suggestions to offer:

  1. if you do indeed possess such skill, then start your own website
    with lists, archives, cross references, galleries, etc. & post your
    website address in future -

  2. if you do not possess such abilities, then please examine the
    soles of your shoes & note their size prior to sticking both of them
    into your mouth.

most sincerely -
full name available offline -


I do not know exacely how Ganoksin handles all these myriad of
messages either but …let me say this about Yahoo.

I have been on other groups that switched toYahoo and have found them
totally inadequate! You mentioned flaming? Well, on those groups
you put up with flaming, more pop-ups than I could count, and simply a
nasty breed of people. In each case I dropped out within a few days.
Futhermore, when in Yahoo, all the ‘how to’ (subscribe,
unsubscribe, join Yahoo, search Yahoo, etc, etc ad nausium) is up
front on the message format meaning one has to wade through it all
before seeing the content of the message. At least that is how the
groups I was in were constructed. I really disliked that!Not so in
Orchid where the info is presented in an immediate and useful format.

I too have wondered why it takes time for a response to be posted but
you know what? Nothing is so important that waiting an extra day or
two will matter. Frankly, I like the laid backness (if thats a term)
of Orchid and would rather wait than put up with the frustration of
dealing with Yahoo (which I do use for other things).

Thank you Hanuman for your explanation on how things work. You do a
truly tremendous job!!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry.

Dear Dan statman;

Please accept my sincere apologies for the recent voices in Orchid
land. It is unusual to have find flaming here. My apiologies for
letting it happened. I know that you didn’t mean to offend. I am
always open to hear new ideas that will improve Orchid and The
Ganoksin Project. Please lets continue this discussion of-line

I hope you will give our group a second chance…

Welcome to Orchid Land