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Impressions from antique intaglio

I have gone crazy trying all kind of waxes, glue gun faux sealing
wax, traditional sealing wax for a very large and very fine Georgian
intaglio, one of the finest I have seen and could not get decent
impressions. I wanted at least a couple of good ones with repeatable
results if necessary to mold a good one. I finally tried parafin and
was pleased with the ease of the impressions. I have some faux wax
glue gun type that I have not tried yet, but will, but wanted to
pass along the parafin tip. With a smaller intaglio I don’t think it
would have been as difficult. Jay

Jay, Try RTV (room temperature vulcanizing material) or Delfy clay,
which is designed precisely for waht you’re doing.

Wayne Emery

Dear Jay, GRS markets a product called “Easy-cast Plastic”. It is
what engravers use to make records of their work. I think it may be
what you’re looking for.

Good luck,
Ken Weston