Impression material: Protoplast

Does anyone know of an impression material that is like clay that
will burn out? Protoplast is an interesting material that comes in
sheets, granules, and if I remember correctly a net pattern. It is
commonly used as a base to make masks. I burned out protoplast and
it burned out perfectly. I used it to make impressions from "tassies"
which are 200 year old intaglio seals that can be made of glass or
agate. What I have are emperors’ profiles, and an Alexander the
Great that is very intricate. In my attempts to get the best
impression possible I have used actual sealing wax, parafin, candle
wax, injection wax, sprue wax, hot glue, and I don’t know what else,
plus the protoplast. Nothing I have used gives me a perfect
impression INCLUDING the protoplast.It did not better than any other
material, still missing tiny areas at times. It does not take much
error to fail to make a perfect impression. I finally chose one seal
and vulcanized it and it came through without any problems. I lowered
the temp and tightened the press slowly over 15-30 minutes and then
let it cool overnight in the vulcanizer, but it is now an intaglio
and will not be as effective. I reused sculpy/fimo and was not happy,
as one has to make another impression. I am going to talk to a dental
lab next!!!

Regards, Jay Cardwell

DentPac Exacta Fit. Two part impressioning putty. Get it from the
dental lab supply.

Denpac is apparently out of business. I have emailed a number of
dental lab suppliers. message:

I am a jeweler. I am trying to make impressions of 1 x 1.5 inch
antique wax seals that are Roman emperors’ profiles. I have used
injection wax, sealing wax, parafin, sheet wax, sprue wax, candle
wax, and hot glue. They all failed to give a perfect impression. I
don’t want a defective impression and the size does not help. However
I got great impressions with Sculpey or Fimo plastic clay which will
NOT burn out. I am looking for a clay or putty like material to make
an impression that can be invested and burned out. I would be ever so
grateful for help. I was told that Denpac Exact Fit impression
material will work, but cannot find it, and still don’t know if it
will burn out if can find it.