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Implementing kintsugi in cast jewelry?

Hello fellow Orchidians,

I was wondering what are the different methods one could try in
order to incorporate kintsugi looking cracks/lines of a different
color or metal in cast pieces of Argentium or Sterling jewelry.

I was thinking one would cut the wax model on a plane or two and
then put them back together with sheet or wire in between the two
cast pieces. But this would only create straight lines, at least with
my limited hand skills. This would also use up much more of the
different colored metal which if it’s Shaku-do or other gold metals
would be a wasteful way to do it.

The only other way I can think of is using burrs and a flex shaft
with a steady hand on the wax models before casting and create
cracked lines that only go a little deep like an inlay. However, at
this point, what is the easiest way to get a different color in
those cracks? Could I use powdered or clay shaku-do? Or would
pounding small round wire of the different color alloys into the
cracked valleys be easier?

Perhaps there are guides/books on using Kintsugi in jewelry already?

Thanks for any insight,


Richard- Carve and cast the silver part. Then spray it with mold
release and then wax in the second part, cast the second part in a
different metal and then solder together.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer


Great idea. Sounds like a great way to try it.

thank you so much,