If you could pick one place in Paris

If you could pick one place in Paris to visit, for metalsmithing and
gemstone works, and Judaica, what would it be?

yes, I know, the Louvre, so your seciodn choice?

I will be there in July with my 2 teenage sons, so i need to keep
them and myself busy, and hopefully teach them a few culural things
while we are at it

all suggestions appreciated.

warm regards to all
Mark Zirinsky

The flea markets. They are amazing.

Well I am going to say the Louvre anyway… Here are some clues for
things to see. Go in, go down the long long hall following the
directions to the Mona Lisa. When you see the Winged Victory of
Samothrace, instead of heading towards the Mona Lisa…to the
right…go up the stairs to the hall on the left of WV. The first
room on the right is the room you want to be in. It is called the
Galerie d’Apollon. Its on the 1st floor. Amazing snuff boxes, carved
crystal vessels, enamels and at the end of the hall, crown jewels.
The Salle itself is astounding in its decoration.

My other favorite areas aRe: Behind the Etruscan sarcophagus of the
married couple on the ground floor there are some nice examples of
early goldwork. I also love the Richlieu rooms with the French
goldwork, in the Middle ages area. Also First Floor. One of the
chests is magnificent. Completely covered in forged work laid over
silk and wood.

If you do get the chance, find old Akhenaton back in the Sully room.
He is breathtaking.

I spend a lot of time in France each year…can you tell? This
interactive online Louvre map might help you find your way around:

Truly, there is not much to see in the way of jewelry in
France…unless that is, you can find a way to sneak into J.A.R.
(Joel Arthur Rosenthal). I have yet to manage it, although I have
tried. Now that would be worth something!

Lisa, (Just back from Paris and New York. Headed to Phoenix soon.)
Topanga, CA USA

Musee des Arts Decoratif,
Rue de Rivoli (near the Louvre)


I heard that lalique still has a location in paris? The lalique
store in Caesars palace told me that. I’m more interested in seeing
art nouveau jewery and glass, threr must be alot of that to see,
isn’t there?

The Musee D’Orsay! I adore this museum (so much so that I spent more
time there than I had intended). The Decorative Arts collection has
some gorgeous pieces (objet d’art and furniture).

Musée d'Orsay

Have a great trip!
Desiree de Myer
New Jersey

1 thing: The Musee des Arts Decoratifs, rue de Rivoli. It has a
historical jewellery gallery (separate from the rest of the Museum)
and the whole decorative arts part is interesting too. But more
importantly, there is a temporary exhibit “Jean Despre)s and the
avant-garde jewellery” from the Art Deco period. Don’t miss it, it
is amazing (till July 12th). If you want other advice on Paris, I
just wrote a list of things to do and see (for jewellery “people” and
their family): e-mail me off list ASAP.

Linda Savineau (just 2 hours train away from Paris !)

I'm more interested in seeing art nouveau jewery and glass, threr
must be alot of that to see, isn't there?

If someone has a whole day to spend, I would suggest Galleries
Lafayette. First floor has a good representation of jewelry
designers. They even have a De Beers store, but the jewellery is
somewhat pedestrian. After that proceed to Opera, and from Opera take
a rue de La Paix, which leads to Place Vendome.

Rue de La Paix and Place Vendome is the largest concentration of top
jewellery houses on this planet. ( in my opinion ). Going from store
to store will take your whole day.

If you get hungry, may I recommend Le Celadon, which is accessed
from Westminster Hotel. A bit pricey, but well worth it.

Musee des Arts Decoratifs is another option. However, I do not care
much for lighting in this museum. In their quest to prevent you from
taking photos, the lighting conceals more then it reveals. There is
also a modest section in Louver, in Richelieu wing, but from jewelers
perspective, is not very interesting. If you going right now, there is
an exhibition of Royal Garments and Jewellery in Versalles.

When one talks about Paris, it is impossible to name just one place

Leonid Surpin

I would also agree that the Musee D"orsay is number one on the list,
however, when you are through there- go back to Rue de Rivoli
directly across from the Jardins des Tuileriers and have a
delicious, sinful, decadent Hot Chocolat and watch all the Paris (and
movoe stars) elite come in to be seen. You will probably see more
exciting jewelery there than anywhere in Paris!

Johnny Johnson
Marietta, Georgia