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Idiots Delight

To all my mentors on Orchid, a great big thank you, and my
personal wishes to all of you for a wonderful Holiday Season.

Yesterday at class I finally finished the last of 4 Idiots
Delight Bracelets. Tomorrow morning I can board that flight to
Plano Texas with Christmas gifts for my son, 2 grandsons, and
future daughter-in-law.

The help and words I received from you all online was great, and
having Bill from Vista at my side at class and in his home
workshop enabled me to complete my task.

Difficult, you bet, frustrating, yup, worth it, YES!.

This morning I will take them over to Jerry Harr, (see Lapidary
Journal current issue.) There they will have a final step in his
vibratory tumbler with shot.

You have all been my “Village.” My gratitude to all.