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Identifying the most popular metals

Question from a high school student

Hi Orchidians! This came in my mailbox today. Instead of directly
writing her back, I thought I would post this to the Orchid Group
and hopefully send her a collection of answers.

As I always am interested in eager minds about our industry, I am
hoping you can assist.

Thanks to you all! -KAREN

Dear metalworks My name is Marina and I am a high school student
currently studying design and technology. For my major project, I am
working with jewellery and really need some help. The main thing I
am confused with is the idea of ‘precious metals’ and
’non-precious’ metals.

Would you be able to help me by identifying the most popular
’precious metals’ and the most popular ‘non-precious metals’?

Also, is there any that could be sent out to me?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Kind Regards, Marina Antoniou


Remember, our New York Orchid Celebration is right around the

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph: 781/891-3854
Fx: 781/891-3857
email: @Karen_Christians

I would consider platinum/gold/gold-filled/sterling to be what most
people think of when they think precious metals.

Non-precious most commonly used in jewelry would probably be copper
and niobium.

I personally work in gold/gold-filled/sterling/copper.

I wonder if there are cultural variations in this perception? There
are differing cultural meanings for colors, so I wonder if there are
for metals also?

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