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Identifying Metals

Hellow All,

I recently bought some jewelry related items from an elderly
gentleman. His wife had these things=A0for many years. Most were the
usual mundane items, hammers, hand tools, and some metal. My
question has to do with some square wire that=A0she’d used for wire
wrapping. Most is silver, there is, however a spool of square wire
that looks like brass, but, of course, I’m hoping that it is gold
filled. So, how do I tell the=A0difference? Just so I don’t seem too
stupid, I have never seen any=A0gold filled wire.

Any help will be most appreciated. You, know come to think of it, I
really don’t know how to tell the difference between sterling silver
and nickel sheet.

It’s been great fun looking through this box of treasure. Stones,
buffs, wires, unfinished pieces, and a whole lot of junk. I don’t
know if I paid too much, but there is always the value of the

Best wishes,