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Identifying artist hallmark

I am currently helping a customer put a value on a collection of
inherited jewelry. The items run the gamut from beautifully crafted
antique items to junk bought off the TV within the last few years.
Most of it, however, indicates the collection was assembled by a
person with sophisticated tastes, who valued unusual gem stones and
quality craftsmanship.

There are four pieces that I am especially curious about. Both the
look of the pieces and the hallmark stamp seem very familiar to me
but I can’t figure out the designer. The links below are from my
smugmug account. They showthe items, which are completely fabricated
and a shot of the hallmark. The only other clue I have is that the
woman who owned these items lived in Huntington Beach CA.

I would hate to put a value on these items based simply on current
jewelry prices if the artist is collectible. Maybe I’ll be able to
give them some good news or maybe I’ve just seen one too many
episodes of Antique Road Show.

John sholl
J F Sholl Fine Jewelry
Littleton, CO