Identifying a golden "something"?

Hi all,

I am newbie in this list and I don’t know if I am in totally wrong
place. I really (desperately) need some expert to help me
identifying one piece of gold “something”. It is therefore
“something” 'cos I can’t find any use for it whatsoever. Only info I
have is that it is somehow related to either Naples/Italy or

Also, I am not even sure if the original (upper image) is real, or if
the imade has been quite heavily modified (in photoshop, I reduced
the original to single golden ring, made four other layers with this
single ring and fused them together resulting similar but fake
image). This theory (Stetson-Harrison method*) of modification is
based only on highly repetitive details in other 4 “rings” and weird
looking shadow inside “something” - shadow should not continue with
the same form and intensity on next visible “ring”. So here it is,, with original

Also, any advice of other active (maybe more specialized) forums
would be highly appreciated. Well, any clues would do fine…

Thanks in advance…
Justin Case

It is Finnish roughly it means Original, that you seek or is it this
x5 which is therefor the result

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Justin, I haven’t a clue about the ring thing but I think that the
language is Finnish. This might help if you can get someone to
translate it for you.


I am sure that there would be many here who would like to help you,
‘Justin Case’, if your message meant anything at all. If you have a
real question, why not ask it? Do you actually ‘have’ this piece, or
is it a picture you found on the internet? Try giving some context,
and an actual question, if you want any kind of useful answer.

Lee Cornelius
Vegas Jewelers

hi Justin, the language looks like Finnish to me, but a friend from
that part of the world said " old Estonian". It seems fairly obvious
that it is about " the original X 5 equaling the final image", is it
from a manual on computer imagery? I think that you are correct about
the image being “photoshopped” the shadows and reflections on the
metal indicate this, and BTW i think it is a bangle, not a ring, and
fairly old looking at that… just my opinions,

good luck with your quest,


Justin Case certainly fooled one or two of you, so justin case you
forgot April Fools day…

I happen to be living in Finland at the moment so i recognised the
language,and yes it is a nightmare to learn justin case your

Chris Mead