Ideas for jewelry projects for 10-15 year old students

I taught a one week, 3 hrs/day jewelry class last summer at a camp
and am looking for ideas for this year’s class.

Last year we made key rings (design, transfer to metal, sawing,
filing, sanding, rivets), some simple pendants (texture, dapping
block), and then did some simple beading (on Beadalon, memory wire,
stainless steel French hooks). While the girls (no boys signed up)
loved it, they finished the week thinking that the metal work was
“too hard” since the beading was so much easier and instantly
gratifying (which was disappointing to me). The class is taught at
a private school so the equipment was minimal: bench pins, saws,
various pliers. We used my flexshaft, dapping & chasing tools, etc.

I would love to come up with some additional things to teach them
that are more fabrication and less beading. For safety reasons,
soldering is out of the question and our tools are limited so any
ideas you all might have would be great.

Thanks, Elizabeth