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Ideas for a great Christmas season 2010

I’d like to get your input on a subject I’m going to share with a
group of jewelers. I have my own thoughts and answers but are looking
to see how you’d answer these five topics. After I compile the
answers I receive, I’ll email them back out for everyone’s use.

Please respond with any and all answers you might have on how to
improve this Christmas season:

  1. How do you train your staff to battle Customer Sticker
    shock-escalating prices of gold/silver and stones

  2. How do you train your staff to answer, deal with, and combat
    internet, QVC, HSC pricing

  3. How do you train your staff to run a promotion, contest (gift
    cards) to get more people in your store

  4. How do you get the most out of your advertising dollars this
    season…what to do, how to do it, and when to do it

  5. How do you stop your customer from getting on the "be Back"
    bus… ‘Thanks but I’ll be back’ or ‘Let me think about it’

David Geller