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Ideal diamond cut prices and GIA cut grade system

I recently received the current diamond prices from The Guide. I
noticed that in the ideal cut section that there were no increases
for Nov/Dec 2004. Jan/Feb 2005 had many increases, and the current
issue shows increases for ideal cuts in every single size, clarity
and color range, while other round diamonds under 2ct are largely

Any thoughts as to whether this is inspired by GIA’s new cut grade

James in SoFl

It’s unlikely that the GIA study had any impact on ideal cut prices
as they have actually expanded the range of what they consider will
produce a diamond with greater brilliance and fire outside of the
ideal range. More likely it is because of how much rough is being
released on the market suitable to cutting ideal cut stones and the
increase in interest from consumers in better cut stones. It could
also be that the Japanese economy is picking up steam a little and
that has increased demand for ideal cuts as the Japanese market has
traditionally been more focused on better quality goods.

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