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Idar Oberstein jewelry attractions


I am thinking of taking a trip to Idar Oberstein Germany. Has anyone
been? Any suggestions on what to see or do. I would love to find a
source for carved stones or intaglios for signet rings.

Kelli Cornwell
Suffolk UK


Hi Kelli

I’ve not been there so I can’t really give you a lot of
but there’s a great exhibition on there at the moment (until late
August), called “icarealot”. It’s an innovative way of promoting
discussion about issues in the middle east conflict, via jewellery.
I’m very interested in the use of contemporary jewellery as a means
of promoting thought and discussion especially about political
issues. The website is which tells you about
the exhibition, and from that site you can see it online as well.
There’s some very interesting works in the exhibition, with some
thoughtful write-ups accompanying them. I should come clean and say
I’m included in it). They’ve posted some photos of the place itself
on their Facebook page - it looks utterly beautiful.

Have a great time.
Anna M Williams


If you are going particularly to see gems - the INTERGEM show this
year is Oct 1-4. It is a fabulous albeit small show with the best of
the best lapidary from the Germans and some very interesting jewelry
from the school in Idar Oberstein. Alternately, you can go to Tucson
in February and go to the Idar Oberstein show and see nearly all of
what you see in Germany. The German show is quite different from
those in the states. Your requirements for admission are stringent
and business is done in private rooms unlike the over the counter
business done in Tucson. It is just more formal.

With the euro declining, it is a great time to go.

Judy Hoch - who would like to go again


Dear Kelli,

Its been decades (literally) since I have been to Idar Oberstein, but
take a short train ride and visit Pforzheim too! There is a jewelry
museum there that will blow you mind. Actually, there are probably
several. These are two of the oldest jewelry centers in Europe and
much of the medieval architecture and jewelry is still there. Of
course your being in England that is not so impressive to you than us
from the states I feel like Ric Steves (an American Travel author)
only less informative.

Good Luck and enjoy,
Nanz Aalund


Hi Kelli, You must make a trip to Idar-Oberstein. I have been there
every trip I have made to Germany. For a jeweler and gem junky, it is
a must. There are museums that are out of this world. Every street
has a gem dealer or some kind of jewelry. I can remember sitting in
the train station a few years ago thinking I would never see this
remarkable town again. I was so sad.

But then another trip to Germany from California happened for me and
I was again in the train station thinking, never say never.
Rupenthal, I think that is how it is spelled, is the place you are
looking for. I don’t think they are open to the public. I called
ahead and got a personal tour, in English, my German is not so good.
It was over whelming. So many things to see, and every kind of gem
or carving you may want. Plan to hike to the Church carved into the
mountain above the town, and I can recommend the Park Hotel. It was
very nice and local enough to walk to every where you need. Hope you
make the trip, well worth your time and money.

Regards, Janine in Redding California.