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ICP OES machine

While buying Intuctively Coupled Plasma machine (ICP - OES) what are
all critical instrumental parameters to be considered.


Hi, I would consider a whole lot of parameters while buying the ICP.

  1. The material to be analysed.
  2. The basic data material.
  3. the training on handling the samples. 4) Preparation of samples &
    the medium of samples.

These are the few parameters the other finer parameters have to be
also taken into consideration.

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One of the things you want to consider when buying an inductively
coupled plasma - optical emission spectroscope (ICP-OES) is the
sample preparation you will have to do and the type of information
you want. If you will be analyzing metals, then to use an ICP-OES
you will need to digest the samples in acid. This involves heating
the acid either with a hot plate or a special microwave oven. Also,
you may have to use hydrofluoric acid for the digestion which
requires special component for the ICP-OES. Not to mention all of the
hazards associated with the acid. You might consider whether a laser
induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) system would provide the
you need. This will help avoid the whole acid issue
because you can test a solid metal sample.