I worked every day this week

Hello Orchid Buddies,

I worked a few hours Monday through Friday in my studio this week
and I may work a little this afternoon (Saturday). This is Big,
Really Big. I had major invasive cervical spine surgery last October
and have worked very little during the recovery process. Not only
have I worked this week but I also sold four pieces this week as
well. Granted some days the studio time was an hour but it is so
gratifying to feel like a jeweler again. I am so happy. My daughter
may start helping out in the studio one day a week and that would be
an enormous help. She has an infant son so she can bring him and we
can both take care of the baby while we work.

It will be exciting to see the direction that that the work will
take at this juncture. It feels as though I can shake lose from some
old constraints and reinvent the creative process.

This group has been a great help. Just being able to read the post
each day from all of the other people in cyber space has been
engaging and stimulating.

On a closing note I would love to give a big “Welcome Back” to Dave
Sebaste. Sorry Dave I know this is overdue.

Best Wishes,
Cathy Wheless