I Won The Summer Raffle!

Hello and a big thanks to the Orchid community!

I am the elated, bewildered and overwhelmed 1st place winner of the
’06 Summer Raffle. While I have donated and purchased tickets for the
raffles, I never expected to win. I contributed because I believe in
the forum.

I am looking over my earliest hard copies of the Digest (#001 in
October of 1996), where the first question is about 925 tarnishing
and the first answer is about channel setting AD still good
I find content from experts as varied as John Burgess in
New Zealand and the metal masters at Bonny Doon Engineering. The
forum is a fantastic source of and inspiration.

As a part time metalsmith and a full time tool junkie, I am on cloud
9 wondering how I can be so lucky AD the vast Orchid knowledge base
and now ALL THESE NEW TOOLS from dealers who share the Orchid vision.
I have dealt with several of these suppliers in the past and have
been drooling over tools from the others. They are all first tier
suppliers of the finest metal working tools. A few of the tools I
already own and look forward to sharing with CoMA, our local
metalsmithing organization.

This missive is already too long, but I thought I would list a quick
bio. I have a BA in communications and an MBA. I have taught high
school chemistry, math and sciences, worked at the University of CO
Health Sciences Center as a researcher, photographer, administrator
and now a part time computer Lan Administrator.

My jewelry experience started more than 15 years ago when I tried to
silver solder a SS jump ring, and failed. Being frustrated, I looked
around for a course in welding, did not find one, but found a jewelry
101 class in the metals section of the Art dept of a community
college AD the rest as they say, is history, thanks to a couple of
fantastic CC teachers, the Colorado Metalsmiths Association, and
various seminars and classes. These new tools will help furnish my
studio and allow me to produce truly professional pieces.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed these gifts and their
knowledge to Orchid.

Marlin Cohrs in hot, humid Colorado

Congratulations Marlin. Enjoy learning all your new skills and and
using all the tools you have won. Keep us posted on what you are