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I won Outstanding Visual Artist for my jewellery

This has been the biggest roller coaster ride I think I have ever
been on. Last week I won Outstanding Visual Artist for my jewellery,
then the Mayor called and asked for a special piece to be made for
his wife. Then I found out that I won a Yellow Pages contest (10
small businesses across Canada won) I won 5,000.00 a years free
advertising in the yellow pages and 1,500 to my favourite charity.
Now yesterday I received a letter stating that I have been chosen
for the coveted title of The order of Abbotsford. It is basically the
City Council get together and choose 5 people to be inducted into
this book. You get your name in the Mayor’s book, your name goes on a
permanent plaque in City Hall (I will have to go to look at that) and
an award ceremony with reception on the 1st of June. Out of these 5
people one person will be chosen for the Citeizen of the Year and
talk about publicity I have been interviewed by every radio station
in Vancouver and all surrounding areas, So far there have been 12
paper interviews and a full day on the radio station out here from
City Hall. I cannot believe this I think I am walking on cloud nine.
The yellow pages and the Order of Abbotsford are huge no they are
more than huge. I get national and international exposure. Plus I am
up to my eyeballs with custom orders. Somebody pinch me I really
think I am dreaming.


Leslie, I am surprised you can walk! I think I would have
hyperventilated and passed out from the excitement. Congratulations!
These things don’t happen just because…they happen because your
hard work, talent and “how/who you are-ness” have placed you in a
position to be chosen. Enjoy!

Evalie Lockard