I.S.G. information

Dear All,

Has anyone had any actual experience with I.S.G., International
School of Gemology?? I am interested in if it is helpful and does it
give you enough to be worth signing up for. The price is
good compared to GIA, in fact much, much better. I would appreciate
any you can give me.

Sharron in HOT thunderstormy Kuala Lumpur.

Hi Sharron,

I think it is a great course you can do for that price (almost for
nothing). Robert James is not only a great gemologist/appraiser, he
also has the skills to really make you understand gemology. There is
also a community around the school with students and gemologists
sharing all their knowledge for free. In short, the money is more
than worth it and you will learn alot.


I am a G.G. and F.G.G. I signed up for the I.S.G. as kind of a
refresher because so many things have changed in the field of
gemology since I got my degrees in the mid 80’s.

I am completely impressed with the quality and quantity of
available through the International School of Gemology.
It is constantly being updated and improved. A real cutting edge
tool…all for a price that is comparable to a magazine
subscription! The site was written by a graduate of the British
Gemmological Association and the Gemological Institute of America.

The forums on the sight are great; really helpful as well.

I totally recommend ISG!