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I ran out of guesses on the jump ring maker

Ok, David, I give up … lets hear about the jump rings…
I use a homemade device for less than $10 and can make lots of
jump rings at one time but the labor is about $20 in stress.

Jerry @jde

Hi Jerry,

About making jump rings for $10.00.  You're right about the

labor being extra but this system may cut it down to ten dollars
also. I developed this system so that I could make a chain mail
hood in college. I wanted to make it in the style of double mail
(small rings& tight weave) which allows a color pattern between
three different metals and good definition of design. It
probable took as many jump rings to make the hood as it would
have to have made a whole suit in standard mail. Needless to
say I only made one but this system work great for jewellery
work. Tooling up only cost about ten dollars instead of Jump
Ringers $210.00. Time in labor is half hour/500 jump rings. Less
if you make more. Jim