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I need new swing arm lamps of army bench


What is the preferred bench lighting LED or florescence? I need new swing arm lamps.


I replaced my florescent fixtures with LEDs. I also use LED spots over my polishing hood and other places where I have to be able to see detail. I was most surprised at what I can see under the polishing hood with LEDs that I previously missed for forty years. 4’ fixtures with lamps can be purchased at Costco for $30 (I think)…Rob


On my bench I like a three tube fluorescent swing arm lamp (Dazor) as the main light and the a goose neck led (Wolf) as supplemental lighting. So I’d say get both!


My main bench light is my wife’s grandfathers old 2 bulb dazor, all the rest are LEDs and I’m really liking those.


Thank you! I think I’ll incorporate both!


I bought cheap LED architecture lamps. Work like a charm.


I just installed a 4 foot LRD fixture above my workbench too. Wow, an amazing amount of light!

Janet Kofoed