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I need a caster for Large bronze belt buckles, jewelry or sculpture foundry?

I need to have 100 large belt buckles cast in bronze. Does anyone have a casting service or foundry they recommend? Should I turn to sculpture bronze foundries instead of jewelry? I would like to find a place that is used to this kind of size so I could be offered a decent quantity price. Size will be in the ballpark of 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".

Items like those straddle the line between what jewelry casting services and art foundries will handle. They’re a little large for some jewelry casters, and a bit small for art foundries. But some of each type of service provider will be able to deal with them. Look for an art foundry that uses the ceramic shell method, if you go that route. Since you don’t say where you are, or even what country you’re in, it’s difficult to recommend a specific facility, but ideally, you’ll want to deal with someone fairly local.

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Thank you, I am in the USA, rural area so it would all be through the mail anyway. So anywhere in America.

This company does that type casting and finishing. .


Carrera Casting in NYC. They do a good job for me. I’ve sent them waxes for casting several times. I’ve had them digitize original carved / cast designs, create mirror images, grow/print and cast for me. They have also made molds for me. And I love how I can easily see online where my pieces are in their production process. I have been assigned a point person, who works with me on every order. I am also eager to work with Best Cast.