I Love Orchid

I had a wonderful experience due to Orchid yesterday. Michael from
Ottawa was visiting his daughter here in Tucson and stopped in to say
hello. We hit it off right away and talked for a long time. This is a
real Orchid story and I just wanted to let you all know. Sam Patania,


I couldn’t agree more. While I have been too busy lately to read
much of what has been posted on orchid and while sometimes I totally
disagree with someone’s post I still look forward to checking my
e-mail on a daily basis.

There are many Orchidians in the Colorado front range and while I
have known some for years, others I have just met. Some examples.
Last week member Bill Wismer dropped by my store to introduce
himself and he even bought lunch. Thanks again Bill. Yesterday I
sent my assistant over to A2Z Metalsmith Supplies owned by members
Karen and Tim Goldstein. I had some pieces to be lazer welded. Tim
took the time to train and assist Sean in his first attempt at
repairs with this technology. Also yesterday I was up against a
particularly unique silver soldering situation and I thought of
posting the question on Orchid. Iinstead I called member Richard
Hart at the Jewelers Gallery and he shared some tips gathered from
his years of experience working in silver.

I imagine that all over this country and even beyond, there are
groups of like minded crafts people, artists and professional
jewelers who have met through Orchid. In a few weeks I will attend
the JCK show in Las Vegas where I will be on the look out, checking
out badges, trying to find familiar names, names of other Orchid

John Sholl
Littleton, Colorado

Dear John, In a world where I am very cynical most of the time ,
Orchid is a haven of the spirit of sharing. I don’t know if you saw
that Andrea Hill from Rio wanted to set up some sort of Orchid get
together during the Vegas show. Keep checking and I’ll ask her if she
has had a chance to get anything going. Sam Patania, Tucson