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I learned on Orchid that Disability isn't Inability

Dear Terri, I am a student at the Texas Institute of Jewelry
Technology ( TIJT ). This school is located app. 2 hrs north of Dallas
in Paris Texas. I have often referred to TIJT as " Jewelry Bootcamp "
for the discipline and for the classroom work load. I also have the
highest regard for this school, its Staff and the Teachers.

Here is the contact (903) 782-0380 voice (903) 782-0452
FAX e-mail Admission
Information 1-800-232-5804

I have been a list member for several years when I was awaiting
forced medical retirement. Several members of this list have become
important sources of encouragement to me. I was told by coworkers that
I should just be glad to vegetate and watch traffic. I once was a
paraplegic. With support from a few friends and several doctors I
have embarked on a new adventure.

I am in my fourth semester and should graduate this spring. I am
working toward an associate degree in Jewelry Technology as well as
certification as a JA certified Bench Technician . I am also having a
ball. ( aside from bitching about setting so many 2 mm. stones ). We
are working exclusively in precious metals this semester. 14 K White
and Yellow Gold as well as Platinum.

Most of my Tools, Tuition, Fees, and materials have been paid for
largely by Texas Rehab. I have had special accommodations made for my
physical situations. My good friend ( and classmate ) is totally
wheelchair bound . He is also expected to be nominated AGAIN for the
Swest Award. In Second Semester are students who are disabled in one
or more ways. Most of these students are being helped by State Rehab
Agencies .

While I have moved to Paris from elsewhere , I am going to move to
Dallas this May. I expect to return for the Graduate Gemology course
which is offered spring and fall. TIJT is one of the best schools in
the country. My friend who is wheelchair bound has attended classes
and seminars at Alan Revere’s School in California . He loved it. He
also brought me a copy of Mr Revere’s book " Professional

Terri , There does not seem to be one best answer to situations
involving hopes and aspirations. Rather there seems to sources of
inspiration, encouragement and education. I believe that you are in as
fine a group of individuals as I have ever been exposed to. I refer to
the Orchid Forum .

Continuing Your quest for artistic expression is necessary for your
quality of life . Inability does not come from Disability. It comes
from a closed mind set.

If I can be of any help, Please feel free to write.

Most Respectfully Yours, Robert L.Powell