I have fallen in love with filigree

After following threads of interest in the archives for years, I am
finally jumping in to join you fine folks.

My problem is I have fallen in love with filigree. I have been making
some of the projects that Jeanne Rhodes-Moen shares in her book
’Silver Threads".

Yet after seeing the work of Janet Berg in Oppi Untracts’ book,
“Jewelry Concepts and Technology”, I realize there is much more for
me to learn. Does anyone have sources like, books, publications,
artists who make filligree, that they would share with me? Maybe
is teaching a workshop here in the States in the near future?

I hope Janet is willing to contact me via e-mail or someone is
willing to give me her e-mail address.

I would sincerely apprecate any help you kind folks can lend.

Janet Berg is our own “Janet in Jerusalem”-- see the following, and
the archives.



For anyone interested in filigree, Yehuda Tassa has been teaching
classes in the SF Bay Area for the past few years. I have taken two
classes from him and I learned a lot about how to do the ancient
Yeminite method of filigree. He can be reached at

Bob Rush

yes, filigree it is a lovely form of metal working, very detailed
with so many opportunities for different designs and results. Our
students love his workshops and continue on with little supervision
to make elegant jewelry.

We have another Yehuda Tassa Filigree workshop in May, check us out
at www.jewelrytraining.com/workshops or call 800-731-1122