I have been selected for a scholarship!

As a member of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths, NE Chapter, I have
been selected for a scholarship for the 2010 Winter Workshop in
Daytona Beach, FL.

… the Bruce Webb Memorial Scholarship Fund provides the
opportunity to Northeast Chapter members of FSG in good standing
for a minimum of one year to further their education in the
metalsmithing field with financial aid to attend workshops
sponsored by the Northeast Chapter. Additionally, the purpose is
to make scholarships available to as many members as possible
with the limited funds available. Scholarships are available for
workshops of two days or more and will apply only to workshop
fees. Further and scholarship application are
available on the “registration” page (see link at left).


Wow, I’m so excited! Great instructors, inspiring fellowship and
lovely surroundings. I almost didn’t apply for the workshop this
year, but some friends convinced me I needed the break. I’m glad I
made the effort.

I’ll be in Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez’ workshops. I hope to see
other Orchidians there.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon


I’m glad I’ll see you there again this time. I had a difficult time
deciding which class would be best. I did end up also signing up for
the class with Juan Carlos.

Being at Daytona Beach, at a spa, during the first week in January
looks very inviting. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your scholarship, Kelley!

I know you will enjoy spending the week studying with Juan Carlos
Caballero -Perez. I will be there in Daytona Beach too taking two
workshops with Pauline Warg. She will be covering lots of the metal
bead making tech niques from her book “Making Metal Beads” published
by Lark.

More about the Jan 4 - 8 workshops is online:
www.fsgne.com. I know there are still spaces in available in several
of the classes.

Congrats! See you at the beach in January!

Karen Tweedie