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I am buying a large tumbler



taking the leap. getting a bit tired of hand finishing my work (large
silver cuffs) am buying a large tumbler. i realize tumbling is as
much of an art than science. any quick tips?

ps to those of you who have considered getting a tumbler, i am
buying tumbler from an inexpensive source. will get back in few weeks
if quality of unit is good.

bill g


Hello Bill,

An excellent investment for you will be Judy Hoch’s handly little
book "Tumble Finishing for Handmade Jewelry. Rio carries it & it’s
very reasonable in price.

Although I know Judy Hoch, I have no other association - just a
pleased user of the book.

Judy in Kansas


Save your self some time and grief in the long run. Buy a copy of
Judy Hoch’s book. I believe the title is Tumble Finishing for
Handmade Jewelry.

read it and understand the process BEFORE you buy!