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Hydrogen torch guidance

Hydrogen Torch Help! I need some guidance

I have a hydrogen torch that I got ahold of. It was stored for a
long time and the plastic tubing inside of it is all disconnected and
messed up. The unit from what I know is fine. It has 3 tanks, one for
distilled water, another for methanol I believe and the other I am
not sure yet. Also I do not know how to attach or in what order to
attach the tubing. I am wondering if anyone who has one of these
could do me the favor and take a picture of your unit so I can see
how it is all connected? This would be very helpful.

I am hopeful to get this unit working so we can work with it and
make life easier for the girls. It is a 2 torch unit. We have fooled
with it a lot and we just don’t have it right.

Laura & the Girls

Laura- What brand is it? Krohn still services the torches that they

You can find them online.


I have a generic hydrogen torch unit (Chinese) and a older model
unit from the late 1980’s (USA) Both are one torch, not two though.
I got them set up with the help of the tech department at Rio - even
though I didn’t buy it from them. Quite simple - only one way to
connect the tubing. Only issue I had was the alcohol/flux -
literally, you only need a pinch of the flux additive in the
methanol to get the correct color flame. Great for small jobs.

Is it an OKAI- if so its american and called the hydroflux welder.
You don’t need the additive to make the flame green. you can use your
own flux, but you don’t need both. If it was filled when you got it,
drain all fluids, and replace the tubing inside the unit. Use the
screw on the side to drain and dispose of the neutralized lye
solution appropriately. Also order some of the dry filter material
and replace all that is in that chamber- don’t overpack it! Use
denatured alcohol in the appropriate chamber Make sure the brass “in
line” filter is ‘brassy’ and not black with what looks like brass
glitter on it- if so it needs replacing. There is another filter also
that goes near the torch handle -replace it or have one on hand. no
replace it anyway if it has been sitting or the flame is somewhat
intermittent. better to work from :new:. There is also a fuse inside
the unit- inspect and replace if it seems blown (the red light on the
case won’t come on and it isn’t generating a flame). Get some metal
tips because the ridiculous plastic needles melt rapidly! Do not
expect to anneal anything with any of the tips unless its a smallish
ring or other small, maybe up to 22 g metal. It is more for precision
soldering- welding is entirely misleading!!! though technically a
solder is a braze or weld- but not in the case of this water torch!.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me/…rer

I am still looking for an adventurous person who would open up their
Hydrogen Torch and take a video of the inside, mine I believe is
homemade, no brand that I can find. We were finally able to light it
up, but the flame was not green, and most likely we don’t have the
right mix. Or a tube is not where it is meant to be. It goes out
right away like it does not have any “force”. We are using a
stainless steel “needle” that was made for vets on it. But when the
flame goes out it does a little explosion which is sorta scary to me
hehe, nothing major, but still. Anyway, if someone would be so kind
to open up their machine and take a video, you will be doing a great
service to this group of 20 women here who depend completely on me
and my help, which I do not profit from. I just help them, been doing
this for 8 years and I want to make their lives better and easier if
possible. This torch has some real good possibilities, like doing
filigree work possibly, among other small things. So they are looking
forward to it!

Laura & the Girls