Hydrogen Fluoride [Was: Recovering silver]

Hydrofluoric acid is such bad stuff I (a chemist) would not
under any circumstances  use it for anything whatsoever

G’day; “bad stuff” lies like beauty (and ‘quality’) in the eye
of the beholder - let’s hope not literally. But HF really does
need careful people to work with it.

My wife did clay analyses for about 10 years, and there was no
other method than wet chemistry in those days; the clay had to be
dissolved and the only solvent was HF. Although the conditions
under which she worked were by modern standards very poor,
(including wages) Jean was meticulous in the way she worked.
She does not seem to have suffered from it; 79 and in excellent
health; not even many grey hairs! Don’t tell me - I am very
lucky. Cheers. –

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