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Hydroflux welders


Hi friends,

Is there anyone else on the list who uses the Okai Turbo Braze
Hydroflux Welder, and has tried using it without any fluxing agent
(i.e. boric)? Does it still function effectively as a torch? Are
there any downsides to it? I’m curious because I love playing with
reticulation and intentional oxidations, from time to time but,
obviously, can’t do these very well with the unit’s turquoise de-ox
flame supressing oxidation from occurring. Are there ways around
this, save for having fuel tanks installed in my shop? (It’s location
makes those a major obstacle, which is why I’d opted for the
"tankless" setup.) Thanks, in advance!

All the best,

Doug Turet
Turet Design, LLC
P.O. Box 242
Avon, MA 02322-0242
Tel: (508) 586-5690
Fax: (508) 586-5677


Dear Mr. Turet:

I represent a different type of system, the Spirflame[tm], but am
very familiar with the Okai Turbo Braze. Yes, you can use this unit
with other booster fluids, it will work quite well within it’s
capabilities. For reticulation work we recommend Methanol or
Isopropanol. Less then five percent of our customers use a fluxing
agent in their flame. However, you many find the flame volume to be
small with the Okai for this type of work. Our system produces a
much larger more accurate flame, and I am not too far from you if you
have something larger than your present unit could handle, you could
borrow mine.

I will be back in the office this Thursday. Please feel free to
contact me off line or call me directly, you can always get me by
E-mail at if you would like more in
this area.

Best Regards,


Gary W. Miller
Sr. Technical Advisor
Spirig Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Technical Division
35 Bronson Road
Stratford, CT 06614-3654 U. S. A.